Tutorial: DIY Emoji Piñata

I made a piñata for a family event and decided I should share the process with you guys! So here's a quick guide on how to make a piñata for yourself! Now I am by no means a professional DIYer, but at least I can say that I tried!

You'll need:
A pair of scissors
Tape/ Glue
Cardboard or any type of sturdy material for the piñata itself
Tissue/Kite/Crepe Paper (any paper of your choice)

Step 1: Prep

Cut the cardboard into two circles and some strips for the sides. The size of the circles depends on how large you would like the piñata to be. Similarly for the strips, the length depends on the circle's size. You'd have to make sure that the strip/s can go around, just about the entire circle. You'll see why a little further down. Read on!

Step 2: Making the Frame 

Now you'd have to tape up the strip for around the circle. A trick is to tape the cardboard strip up on the sides first (vertically) so that it will stay in place while you stick it properly around the two circles. This is how it should look:

Tip: If you're using cardboard, you should flatten it to make the pinata easier to burst, especially if kids will be hitting it.

Reminder to keep a space open for you to add your treats into the pinata!

Step 4: Add your treats and then....

After you add your treats (and fillers*) into the piñata, you then seal it by taping it off with another piece of cardboard strip. Since this strip to seal the piñata is the shortest, I recommend placing the holes for the string/rope for hanging the piñata somewhere else along the side of it.

*Fillers are like shredded paper or Styrofoam thingies or anything you want, honestly.

You'd want to place the holes before decorating the box, so as not to damage your decorations while trying to pierce them and hiding the holes. Who wants to see those anyway?

Step 5: Decorating the Box.

So i'm telling you from the jump, this was a TASK! Whew chile!
I cut the kite/tissue paper into strips and glued them down to the outer part of the piñata on both sides (one side at a time). That took forever, though!

I used both clear tape and glue, alternating between both because it took a lot of both. I ran through three glue sticks and damn near two small rolls of clear tape (for the entire piñata).

Add the eyes, mouth etc. for whatever emoji you're going for! You can print them out online or make them yourself from craft paper.

The next time i'm doing this, i'll be trying a different method that I thought about after I finished. *face palm*. I'll have to actually try the idea before I let you in on it because I don't want to advise you and then be looking crazy outchea in these streets! LOL.

This entire process was over the course of some days, but the decorating took the most time, i'd say 3 - 5 hours, with all the cutting and taping and gluing.

All in all, it came out great for my first time and a pinata is such a fun addition to most events! Well at least I think so!

Have you ever made a piñata? Leave me some tips in the comments!

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See ya in my next post,
Paula J.


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